Chic Plastique Creations by Rebecca Duckert

Hi, I'm Rebecca and I'm a vintage addict.
Clothing, jewelry, home decor — mid-century, 80s, Art Deco — if it looks cool and has a history, I gotta have it. It's kind of a problem (albeit a fun one), so I decided to start a business that allows me to channel my vintage obsession into making special creations for all you fine folks reading this. Named after my two extraordinary grandmothers who passed onto me their love of vibrant colors and design (and, of course, costume jewelry), ODIJUNE is all about joy, sustainability, and originality:
Joy // ODIJUNE pieces are bold, bright, and fun, know...they're plastic, so they don't take themselves too seriously. Playful glamour, if you will. 

Sustainability // Each piece utilizes vintage buttons, beads, or other antique bits-and-baubles (many from my grandma's own collection). Giving new life to old materials is very important to me, and the environmental benefits of upcycling cannot be understated in our current fast-fashion climate.

Originality // As I never have a set design for a piece in my head, I let the materials inform my designs. Ok, yes, that sounds a little pretentious but it's true. So if I find 8 of a certain kind of button that I absolutely love, then I will figure out how to incorporate those into my pieces, and then 8 people in this great big world will be the only recipients of that style ever. Cool, right?

My choice to use vintage, limited materials gives ODIJUNE pieces a depth, ephemerality, and exclusivity not found in most costume jewelry today. I hope you'll agree and I thank you for supporting my wearable art and for making it to the end of this long "About" section.